Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Checking In...

Just staying true to my commitment...not much new is going on here... well, that's NEVER the case but I have nothing new w/ photos....BUT I'd thought you'd get a kick out of funny things Tyler and Eli said the other day :

Tyler : (back ground: Papayas are in season and so I am buying them by the pounds and pounds. They are cheap and you need to  acquire a test for them for sure but because they are super easy to grab and cheap we're eating them A LOT! ) Tyler comes into the kitchen the other day and puts his bowl down on the counter ,walks over to me and sighs (BIG sigh..) mom, did you know that small, white, American boys do not like "applepaya" ? .... cracked me up.... don't know where the apple comes from but he puts it in there !

Eli: comes into the kitchen ( can you see a pattern with me being in the kitchen for BOTH stories? -smile) ... he i love (pause) i love money. I say : oh, you do? ... Eli: yes, but I can't serve two masters ... ( jaw is flopped open ) .... so , ..... (pause) I will choose Jesus. WOW ! I say: Eli... I think you are going to be VERY rich !

Too funny !

* We have just celebrated 1 one of service here in Guatemala. Sooo thankful !

* We are in for a CRAZY whirlwind of a summer and would be grateful for your prayers and thoughts . David is traveling A LOT and LOTS of folks are coming here... can't wait.

Havin' a great day and hope you are too.