Monday, January 19, 2009

Some days it's harder to say goodbye than others. No, we're not going anywhere any time soon that we are aware of. However, it's in the air..... the shifting of seasons....snow is falling tonight and it's absolutely beautiful. The fact that Waffle House and China something resteraunts are just a stones' throw away is hidden by the darkness and all that I see is the beautiful downpour of the last snow we may see for awhile.

(Long sigh........),

Sunday, January 18, 2009

In church today our pastor did a beautiful job of calling us back to creation. I think as a culture we're creating coffee, new fashion, new weight loss programs, new Bible studies, new circles of friendships... as yet, while we enjoy our new creations so well and are driven to include others we seldom go to perfection... we (I ) seldom am inspired to call a friend and celebrate Gods creation with them. It's all around me all of the time... MY CHILDREN ...MY HUSBAND ... our marriage ....our family...the beautiful person that I bumped into (usually literally) at the shop, etc....... So, to ANYONE who has found themselves here at our spot on the internet today I want you to know that you are BEAUTIFUL....Maybe you're saying to yourself ,she doesn't know me.. ...she doesn't know what I've done or what I'm like. No, I don't and it's wonderfully PERFECT that way. God does know you. God has seen what you're like and he is amazingly aware of what you've done... I know this because I KNOW that he knows me and STILL loves me ! Yes, inspite of MYSELF !!! So, again I say that you are beautiful and infact, I love you ! whoever you are... why and how ? Because I know that God makes NO mistakes ! He is an exceptional, perfect sculpture with the artistic eyes this world has never been exposed to in flesh ! Go on and take one more look in the mirror today and agree with me that God did that .... he made you .... you're absolutely BEAUTIFUL ! FORGIVEN ! NEW! Don't just take my word for it... it's in Gods word . Have a glorious day !

*Your hands have made me and fashioned me; an intricate unity; Job 10:8
*The Lord called me from the womb; from the body of my mother He named me.( Isaiah 49:1b)
*You have granted me life and favor...(Job 10:12)
* the image of God He created him, make and female he created them. (Genesis 1:27)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Just when I had last thought.....

Just when I had last thought that I would be having some time to blog (I think that was Christmas break) everyone broke out in the stomach virus that lasted FOREVER and left me with NO time to write. I am going to try to be more intentional about posting. We are potentially within our last 12 weeks of being her permanetly. We will be traveling to our field training and off for some family time and then to Guatemala. Our support numbers are : outbound 100% and our monthly % is at 51.3 %. We are very encouraged and excited to see this.... just trying not to be anxious or overly eager about getting the last 48% in. We would like to get this in before we leave for field training so that we can attend our training being fully funded.

I have so much on my heart that I would love to share but I am going to ease back into posting. So, until next time....thank you for checking in and thinking of us. We would covet your prayers as we push through the last lap of this race set out before us .... Then off to a MAJOR change in courses..... The city and villages of Guatemala.