Thursday, July 29, 2010

It seems like I say...

It seems like I say that we're "coming up for air" a lot on here... maybe I just think that a lot. But tonight, it truly feels that way. The summer months have been both a blessing and a fury of things to do and places to least for David and our older children anyway. David has traveled   almost 4 weeks out of the 10 we've had since June. (whew!) Jacob and Grayson have also. They have been to the states on a mission trip and then traveling some here in country with FH. I can remember our pastor having dinner with us and saying "it's wonderful to have company but are you guys sure you're up for all of this ? " At the time I had NO idea what it would feel like to say so MANY hello's and goodbyes. The actual act of everyone being busy was fine but my goodness .... our heart strings resemble something a cat has gotten hold of ...especially after saying goodbye to parents (David's ) and his family's home church the week before last and then our home church last week. When we attended our missions training in Colorado before heading here our leader said this, "you know you've loved well if saying goodbye hurts." .... I pray that everyone who has come our way this summer has felt the love that we indeed have for each of you , your husbands, your wives, your children ...anyone who has come our way OR been sent our way. Our hearts have had so many bandages applied in these last weeks that we could hold up a building (at least in Guatemala - jk) with them all.... Praise the Lord we have our memories to tied us over until we all meet again...either somewhere in God's world or in heaven one.... Eli was praying tonight and made a truely simple but profound statement... Lord, I love you...I've always loved you....and so... I love you Lord..
I loved this because it's just that simple most days... Lord, you have our love because it's just's who we are ..who we were created to be....

From Guatemala...goodnight with love,
Ps...our signal is still so slow that I cannot post photos.. I'll keep trying (promise)...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trouble Posting Photos

Uggg... I would feel REALLY horrible that I haven't posted in a month but I'm thinking that summer is like this for everyone.. especially us mom's. Here in Guatemala we are CRAZY busy... David especially. Since the beginning of June , David has had many teams and been gone for several weeks. We are having two teams come these next two weeks and he will be gone again. This is all very new for us and I am struggling at times to keep us with it all... counting it all joy but still adjusting to ALOT of change !

I can't seem to load some of our  photos tonight . I had thought that it would be fun to share some of our photos from July of last year when we'd first gotten here but I'm not having success tonight . I will continue to try to post our current photos .... we took David to the beach for Fathers Day (we are just 2 hours away ) and we had a blast... nothing like a trip to the beach in the states but then again, why should it be? We're in Guate. Black beaches, crabs in the pool filter and hammocks in the shade... great time !
Hoping to share photos soon,