Monday, October 26, 2009

Education is so important. It broke my heart to be at the zoo and to see these girls sitting in filthy water...especially the one who is drinking out of one of the fountain spouts. The Lord has been so gracious in keeping our eyes exposed to the millions of needs that exist here ....I am thankful to have my heart broken when it is in control of the Lord... I never leave these situations the same...I am always changed.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A quick post to catch you up to speed....

Yes, time has once again flown by and returning emails and keeping our blog current is a challenge. We are grateful for this busy season. It is keeping our minds off of the weather changes at home, upcoming holidays, football seasons, camping, fires in the fireplace.... well, you get the idea. Life is so different these days in this place where we are serving but we are beginning to go deeper with our ministry vision and it is exciting.

Tomorrow, I (Melinda) am going to be traveling 6 hours into the mountains to an area of Nabaj. I will be meeting with other FH missionaries and support staff to present them with David and I's first business development plan on making candles. It seems like a small task to say the least. We're all so accustom to running to the local craft store, buying our "kit" and throwing in some long, enjoyable hours probably with friends making early gifts for the holiday season. But that 's just not in the scope of the days for the women of the Nabaj region where we will travel and assist them in this wonderful business plan. This is a plan that they have to "buy " into. The only thing that they are "given" is the plan and 2 day class on making the candles. From there on out , they have to decide whether they want to invest in this business plan and make it their own. This gives them incredible incentive to begin this work themselves. As their product begin to sell and they experience "success" and a return on their investment, their hearts are open (prayerfully) to relationship and exposure to the gospel as we pour ourselves into relationships that will grow over long periods of time. This way we are all "buying " into something.... for the women it is the candles and for David and I and the entire FH staff we are buying into the lives of the people of the Nabaj region. There are no guarantees that the women will pursue this trade, no guarantees that they will receive even one days wage from their efforts. All that we have to claim as truth is that God loves his people. God has a plan for his people. ALL of us involved in the huge efforts of next week are desiring change. Will you consider praying right now for the men/women and children of Nabaj. Would you pray that their hearts and minds would be clear...which is physically a challenge for malnourished people... that they will have a vision and that God would use me to cast that out to them.....I'll be posting lots of photos so keep an eye out...

much love from Guatemala,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

fishing boats in Lake Atitlan ..notice the corn husk. Corn is a huge thing here. Lots of street vendors sell it grilled.
this is a group of kids that were flipping off of the post on the docks.
I love this perspective of the water. When I look at it I'm often reminded of the task that God has called us to in regards to vastness and the faith that is required to step out at get the work done. As I post this morning I am also reminded of how refreshing it feels to walk out in that faith and experience all of the goodness that comes with that task.

we made it ! It helped that Stephanie reminded me that this was a 2500 ft. hike and we'd hiked 10,000 ft in China at Jade Dragon Mnt.... no matter how high the hike it ALWAYS is such a rush to realize that you made it to the top... and God's work in places that are uncommon to the eyesight...AMAZING!

you may notice that there is always an arm in the photos of just Stephanie and I (except for maybe 2) ... gotta get the photo and NEVER let go of your camera .... NEVER ~smile
Stephanie and I carried our luggage on our head too. We just forgot to get that photo...Just kidding ! It's amazing how much these women are able to carry on their heads...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Checking In...

Checking in.... I think that it is the same for everyone with children. This time of year seems to loose itself in a list of to- do's a mile long. Games, projects, festivals, where does the time go? I can hardly believe that it is almost November. We have been in Guatemala for 5 months now and life is zooming by....Stephanie was in country here a few weeks ago and I thought that so many of you would like to see some of the beautiful people and areas of Guatemala that we were blessed to get a glimpse at. I have no idea why..but I am not able to load lots of photos at once and so if you'll go to all of October's entries you can see the photos from her trip. I need to add more that I think you'd really enjoy..especially if you're a boating /water person however, my connection is SSSSooo slow tonight that I am going to have to continue tomorrow. Enjoy these for now... love to you all from Guatemala.


humm..wondering why we are inside the rocks and so far inside the curb??

some of the beautiful country where we are serving the Lord these days. This area is about 2 1/2 hours from where we are located.

To much fun !

Stephanie at our language school . We traveled to Panajachel and left from here.
In Antigua...a dearly missed place for David and I
Can you see the nuns getting into the car to the left. This building is actually a VERY old catholic church.

needs no words..