Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We've sold our van ! ...Let me say ...GOD sold our van! We honestly had nothing to do with it as goes most things with this great adventure. David parked our van on the side of the road last Monday night and it was sold by the next afternoon! We now own nothing other than the things that we are storing or taking with us (excluding things like TV, refrig, washer/dryer, beds,et that we are using currently to live .These kinds of things will be sold in our yard as we are buying tickets to head out to Guatemala sometime in '09.)
Our boys are in Argentina with FPC until next week. They have been gone a week already and are having a wonderful time. I spoke with Cooper today who told me that he was enjoying seeing the many ways that missionaries are used on the international field. I think that he is recieving great vision for his opportunities that he will have in Guatemala.

This is a to the point post tonight. I'm short on time and yet feel like these are great works of the Lord going on in our lives that might interest those that pray and love us. The sell of our van and unity for our family and especially our children having vision for the mission field has been a prayer concern for a while.So to report to you that our van has sold and that our boys are "doing" their own international trip and catching a vision for international missions independent of David and I ..well, we just praise God for answered prayers! He's so HUGE and REAL!
Good night friends,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! Just think... you and Kit Kittredge are almost the same age! In girl doll talk....that's really cool!

By the way...that's Grayson behind the mask. Some people will do ANYTHING to not be photoed! Just kidding... she actually made this in order to have me take her photo! I LOVE her humor!

Friday, July 11, 2008

I've Been Tagged....

I've been tagged by a precious friend and have no idea what to do(smile) . I think that I'm suppose to answer these questions. If I'm wrong then you all have just learned some very random info about me...(heehee)
What was I doing 10 years ago?We were building our dream house that we thought we would be living in "forever" ... oops did we miss that one or what?
5 favorite snacks
1.chocolate (expensive, ridiculously priced chocolate) most people this would be a meal... I could eat it at midnight or's totally snacky food to me)
3.Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge ice cream....only found (usually ) in gas stations of all places.... hey, a girls gotta go where a girls gotta go ..the other ridiculous thing about this love is that it's pretty much the only (honestly) ice cream that I'll eat... other than my father in laws homemade ice cream....yum!
4. bananas with cashew butter and chocolate chips on top(devine)
5.plain choc. chips out of the bag straight out of the freezer ( I put them in the freezer so that I won't eat them as quickly...never works...)
To Do List
*well, this was on it for the last few days
*missions churches, go to the po box
*scrap booking crop TONIGHT! yea!!!!
*pray hard for my boys while they are in Argentina and for Grayson who is the only one here to help me while they are gone
*haircut- but cleared this one off this morning..AND bought blush for the first time in (seriously) probably 8 years..why?..NO IDEA..actually, the sweet sweet girl who cuts my hair just gave it to me as a gift. I love it fun! It's sort of glittery...
5 Jobs that I've had in the past assistant
3.runner for a law firm
4.home school teacher
5.home school teacher....home school teacher...home school teacher
Places I've Been ( I love this question because I LOVE to travel)
China -blessed to have been there twice
San FanSisco
Rosemary Beach****LOVE THIS PLACE****
Arizona- the MOST romantic thing we've EVER done...rented a convertible and drove from Phoenix, AZ to the Grand
Canyon...awesome....every married couple should experience the AWESOMENESS and HUGENESS of Gods handiwork through a top down, Arizona day.
New York(twice)
5 random things people might not know
1.I love unique jewelry and funky shoes (neither in the budget)
2.Every year I struggle to love home schooling but then when we've made it to the end of the year I always say...hey ... we DID make ... God you can use me ..even this far out of my comfort zone.
3.I have the BEST in laws in Rome, Ga. (I know this one is debatable by many )
4.I've always wanted to be as beautiful as my weird is that ?....he's just gorgeous to me!
5.I love the thought of working out and being as fit as I was when I was 20 but now that I'm MID 30ish I'm starting to just be okay with thinking about it and reading someones blog instead .
CD's I would want if I were stranded on an island.
anything by David Crowder , my IPod is loaded with him..he is sooo passionate about our Jesus! And great preaching by Tony Evans...there is no way to explain his messages truly just have to hear him speak about the Lord...he makes me shout for GLORY!
What would I do if I was a billionaire?'s so far out of my sight that I had trouble even spelling it (smile)
BUT if I were....hum....I would head on out to Guatemala with our family in some funky shoes and great jewelry... listening to David Crowder with a little Tony Evans. I would fly to __ and see Stephanie and Travis bringing home some precious children with me....I would support missionaries left and right trusting that God would be glorified in the giving and receiving..then I would give the rest away because I can truly testify that having nothing much but all of Jesus is TRULY the ONLY wealth I will ever need. My deepest desires and craziest whims are met by the one who ownes it ALL!!!!
This was sooo much fun. I'm tagging Karen H. and Jennie W.Can't wait to hear your answers....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On a Lighter Note....

On a lighter note..... Stephanie had brought over her nephew Cooper to our home one afternoon. She was dropping off toys for the children and I took the opportunity to love on little Cooper for a minute. While I was holding Cooper, Tyler, who had not noticed the baby even coming out of the car during the excitement of toys being passed out, looked up at me and asked sooo innocently...Hey, where'd ya' buy that from? We laughed sooo hard!!! Do you think his perspective on new siblings is a bit wacky? What can I expect when all of his siblings have been "bought" and brought home? ....What a beautiful picture of our heritage as Christians. We have been "bought " and brought home through the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus!
Love to you all brothers and sisters !
The Evans

Go With God and Serve Him Well...

Our dear friends the Hills have left for a foreign land today. To us it seems like they will be gone forever but only the Lord can define "forever". Who are we to declare that we would know how many days we have and who we will meet or not meet again?...In Ecclesiastes it is spoken of the times we will have ...the times that we have to today and the times that are to come. What a great joy it is to know that God had found favor on us to enjoy time with such a wonderful family. Stephanie and I quickly became dear friends. We stretched our good byes out almost over a week. We had a dinner party, slumber party, swim party, 4th of July party and then who can send anyone on a plane without great trail mix? So, of course we had one last good bye dropping off trail mix as they were preparing to head for the airport today.

Travis, Stephanie and family... Go with God and serve him well. What a joy it is to know that we will meet again.

You have made known to me the path of life;you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11

Just a little teary-eyed,

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!!

Happy Birthday America! I can't believe that it is already the 4th of July. We have already had such a full summer. We've had CATS, VBS, grilling, swimming, great Bible study groups, scrap booking ( I am getting hooked on this.. didn't think that I would) , and miracles happening with our efforts to getting closer to Guatemala, etc. Grayson casually mentioned to me this morning "Hey, did you realize that this may be our last 4th of July in America for 3 years?" Wow... all of the sudden I had this real "seize that day" attitude. Swimming, grilling, ice cream, fireworks.. a TRUE American Birthday party was called for! I hope that you had a wonderful day and that you were able to see the Lord do something worthy of celebrating in your life!
Happy red, white and blue day!
The Evans

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At Last.... Pictures

Ahhh... finally! We can share with you the miraculous makeover with our new home! This has been the most drastic change for us during our process of getting to the field so far... . Needless to say, as with ALL of Gods' gifts, this home has become our favorite! We love the closeness, freedom of clutter, and the convenience is AWESOME!
As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15