Monday, December 22, 2008

Confession of a Home School Mom

Okay, I have a confession... even though I am a home school mom ....I am TERRIBLE at math!!! So, David ( who is AMAZING with numbers and life in general) is not here to calculate the percentages from our report to update you tonight! - I can tell you that we are only $6,000 away from our OUTBOUND budget. THIS IS A HUGE PRAISE!!!! Thank you Lord ! We are still needing our monthly support partners to grow. HOWEVER, we are thrilled to be up to about 49-50% . I will give you the official numbers soon. If you feel inclined , we would be grateful if you would join us in praying that this number grows from the many seeds that the Lord is scattering in regards to his love for the people of Guatemala and the Evans family in sending us overseas on our fathers behalf. We are humbled.

On a funny note.... I overheard two of my teenagers talking in the kitchen about the third one who had offended one of the two ( are you still with me?) I heard " Ah, you know you still love him? " .." HUmmm" .... "Ah, come on. Down deep inside you love him." ..... Yeah, okay ...maybe....way, way, way deep down inside."...... I couldn't help but giggle to myself and tell myself at least they didn't say NO. It's the SMALL words of love that are encouraging when you have 3 teenagers all three years apart.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Schools out for Christmas! I'm back to blogging

Wow! Is it really possible that the whole month of November and most of December have gone? That's what's on the calendar and we do have a Christmas tree up so... it must be true! Our family has been soo busy since I came back from China. What an amazing trip that was ! Truly, my most exciting adventure so far. We were able to be a part of 4 people beginning their walk with God and our friends have just emailed that 16 more have come to know the Lord! Plus they have held a translation class for villagers from many different areas of China! Gods' word is going out !!!! This is HUGE and we praise God with them for what they are witnessing there!

Here, at the Evans home, we have had a really different holiday season. Different in great ways. For Thanksgiving , our family(David , the children and I) shared Communion together. It was beautiful. We read the Communion passages from the Bible and went around the table sharing what we were thankful for. Precious. We were able to travel to Chattanooga, Tn and participate in the writting of the 30 year anniversary edition Bible for NIV. They are compiling every verse of the Bible in handwriting from individuals all over the country. This Bible will be available in the Fall of 2009. Grayson and I both wrote a verse. This was so exciting to me... We went from there to Build a Bear and our little guys and Grayson stuffed bears and rabbits, gave them hearts and little voices. Eli loves to make his bear growl right when he gets into bed. I was getting on to him for continuing to push the paw when he so sweetly looked at me and informed me that he was just saying "good night". Of course, why didn't I understand that ?

And all of the fun continues..... as of yesterday at 1:00 we are out for Christmas ! I think that I might be more excited than the children. I have a ton of plans... scrapbooking, reading, making a blanket with Grayson, making cookies...nothing that has to do with a text book for TWO weeks!!!

Things are growing by leaps and bounds with our ministry support! We receive our weekly reports on Monday so I will post where we're at Monday night ( since we have no school !!SMILE) . We also have heard that if we have our support at 100% by May 3rd then we can almost be sure that we will land in Guatemala JUNE of 2009!!!!!!!! It takes 30 days to process our visas, get tickets, pack our 16 Rubbermaid tubs (smile), to stop pinching ourselves, etc... this is a call from the Lord that has been working itself out in David and I for about 8-9 years now. We are Sooo ready to go! If you are a part of our team BLESS YOU ALL for jumping on board !!!! Thank you for allowing us to ALL be a part of what God is doing in Guatemala. If your not a part and desire to be WONDERFUL ! You can sign up and find out about us at just look for the Evans family. You can also google Food for the Hungry and read up on the wonderful things this amazing organization is doing to share the gospel of Christ in the hard places of the world in really unique and practical ways. In my words, they are changing hearts through changing lives.

Praise be to God from whom ALL blessings FLOW,