Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adventure Racing

This past Saturday Cooper, Jacob and their youth leader were in an adventure race here in our town. They had to run about 4 miles, bike about 8 miles and canoe 3 miles. They WON the race!!! What an awesome accomplishment! We are so proud of them!

So, our boys were in this adventure race.... Once the race started they had to run to a designated area and scavenge to find their papers .Then they hopped onto their bikes, then changed into their running shoes and ran for a while , then bike again, then loaded their canoe and THEN ran to the finish line. In between all of this, they had points where they had to sprint up hills,etc and get a card punched. Then after they finished the race, they had to answer trivia questions about things they came across while on their "adventure". (whew! ) I couldn't help but relate it to this great adventure race that the Evans are on. We have received our call and have been shot out into the race much like a race horse ..or ..an adventure racer. We seem to always be turning, changing, adjusting, growing yet steadily, focused on the end ... which the obvious would be Guatemala. The largest difference may be that at the end of all of this support raising we may reach our goal of Guatemala and be the ones to ask all of the questions....like......why didn't we eat more Tex-mex before leaving, why didn't we grab that last thing at Wal-mart? why didn't we order that kitchen ware that we wanted (okay, that is... that I wanted because I have a weirdness about cooking in metals that I can't identify..weird, I know) ... Anyway, what an exciting turn everyday seems to present and yet God continues to follow us...not like poperatce (sp?)but like a father.... eternally concerned for the runner, the distractions, the endurance.... And the best part is that although the race is there to be run.... We've already won... God secured the victory through his son Jesus ! A crucifixion paid it all and resurrection that said it all ..we run...not in vain but in GLORY.... Glory that presents peace when all is exhausted ...Glory that will be with us forever .... AMEN

No T-shirt required ,

The Evans ...aka... Adventure Racers for Jesus

Monday, September 22, 2008

Go LIONS!!!!

You can't really take in the Fall season without a little football. Jacob is playing football with a local Christian school and LOVING it! We are quite the site ... the eight Evans all showing up with their Lions T-shirts and water bottles in hand. We had a man stop us at the last game and ask if we were a home school group. David and I laughed and told him ..no, just our family. The man had such a funny look on his face. Little did he realize that we have a few friends that could make our little clan look like a TINY group.... W's,A's and S's...SO, if you haven't felt the cooler air outside, you should take a few minutes and throw the ball around with your kids, friends or pet and celebrate this great American game! GOOOOOO UCS !

Friday, September 19, 2008

***update on support raising****

Things are moving along! We are excited to say that we are at about 52% of our outbound budget and a little over 30% of our monthly budget. We (David and I) have set a leave date of March 1, 2009. This is a target date set by David and I (not FH) just to help us as a family try to tie up ends with the holidays and our school year. It is hard to believe that the Lord may be willing for us to leave as early as 6 months from now . It's hard to believe that we are making the largest move of our lives and we are not in the smallest way in control of any of it. What an awesome place to be! I have cried at realizing the time is fleeing and David and I have rejoiced sweetly when we see the Lord bringing our support in. This adventure is a rollercoaster of emotions and I'm sure that we ain't seen nothin' yet! (smile).....What kind of faith would it take to just read a sign in the sky or live out life following a yellow brick road? .... As for me and my house we will serve the Lord....even when things aren't so clear.. we know God to be faithful!

Thank you for droppin' in on our blog. I have no idea where the southern sayin' came in ...but for tonight .... good night yall!