Thursday, May 22, 2008

If April Showers bring May flowers......

If April Showers bring May flowers then what do May flowers bring? For our family it has brought a season of wonderful changes, adjustments and tidings of great joy! In just a manner of a few weeks we have sold our family business, moved into our "mission house" and therefore left a home that has great marks of Gods work in our lives inside it ( a little sad to leave for mom),seen our support for Guatemala continue to grow ( we are at 10% as I type this ) and are beginning to see that we can make plans to be in Nicaragua for field training in Sept. Our organization wants to see us at about 50% and we have great hopes in arriving at that and attending. We will be in Nicaragua for 3 weeks with the WHOLE family. This will be a hard trip in some ways. The poverty in this country is sooo extreme. Cooper and I traveled there last year and I can still smell even the stench in the communities where they have NOTHING! This awful truth also drives my heart to return and to seek out change there. I KNOW that Gods plan is not to leave it tomorrow as it was today just as he desires for our own lives. What a great question to end this post with... Am I different today than yesterday? If not, what am I going to do with Gods invitation for change?

Just a little note on the end as well.... I have just heard of Steven Curtis Chapmans family losing their 5 yr old daughter in a horrible car accident which also involved their teenage son. Please join our family in prayer as this wonderful family of God has to walk through such a horrific tragedy.

By faith I believe,
the May flowers (Evans)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Day in the First Grade

Just a quick update on our support numbers. We are at 7.5% as of yesterday! How exciting to see this number grow. We are certain that 100% will be here before we know it since life seems to only be speeding up while raising support instead of slowing down. We are occasionally having those "last time" moments such as ... the last time that Grayson and Sarah Joy will be in their spring recital , the last summer that we will enjoy our grandparents pool, our last move to a "home " here in America, etc... The list could go on. Everything that God is doing is a gift to us and these "last times" are not always sad but do find you going .. wow... this is really going to happen... we're really leaving this place for now. It's all kind of like that day that you dropped your children off for 1st grade.... it was very weird ( for me) and yet a great day at the same time. We want our children to grow and flourish to advance God's kingdom. In the same way, all of theses "last times" could be chalked up to the first day of the first grade.... we'll never be the same!

Also, there are no photos posted because I am having trouble uploading them. So, when I figure the snag out you will be bombarded with them...hee hee... I know that we're all on the edge of our seats.

First grade butterflies in our stomachs,
the Evans

Monday, May 5, 2008

Amazing Grace!!!

Thanks for checking back in with us. It is so difficult to keep this current and I am very grateful for those of you who read and are patient with us to update every week.

Our efforts to move towards getting to Guatemala are continuing to move forward with a life of its own. Weekly, our post box will bring us a new supporter or financial gift! What great joy it is to know that God is growing the increase.

We were able to speak at our home church this past Wednesday night and had a wonderful time. We are blessed to be SURROUNDED by believers who are ALSO eager to see us off. Our home here that is being "transformed" is almost ready for us. We should be living in it around 2 weeks from now. David has sold his company as of last Thursday and is employed by some wonderful people who are so supportive of our future plans in full time ministry. And lastly, David and I attended our areas home school conference. By the grace of the Lord we have been able to purchase our children's curriculum for next year and are prepared in that area if God would see fit to send us overseas during the fall.

We are up to 5% on our monthly budget. I am trying to be so excited about this number that at first seems so small. However, I must remember that 2 months ago we had nothing! God is busy and we are trying to pace our excitement and yet stay very busy regarding raising support at the same time.

Amazing Grace... How sweet the sound....that saved a wretch like me...I once was lost but now I'm found... was blind and now I see. What an incredible message that was delivered for the believers at FPC Sunday. YES! Gods grace is AMAZING!

Saved by amazing grace,

The 8 Evans