Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ooops ! Who Are We ?

I forgot an important part of my post ... our photo! Yes, we are taking all 6 children. That may come across as an odd thing to say but we actually get this question ALOT! We have 3 bio children and 3 adopted children. We have one son adopted from the US, one son adopted from China and an adopted daughter from China. Our son and daughter from China have a repaired cleft /lip and palate and our daughter from China is also hearing impaired. I'm throwing that out there so that if I can be of encouragement to anyone or share some crazy things that they do you can have a frame of reference!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hello ! Thanks for checking in with us to see where we are on our journey towards getting to Guatemala. This is our attempt to keep our family, ministry partners and bloggers updated on our fanancial goals and just life in general while we wait to travel.

Speaking of travel... many of you are wondering when we will be heading out onto the field. We are hoping for September 2008 but have a large goal in front of us. We are trying to get into the mindset that God is sooo interested in the journey and not the single destination of Guatemala. We have some real issues (no laughing) to deal with before we travel ( ie, fear, patience, fear , patience, fear...) you get the picture. Oh, by the way, I should also say that the "we" is really only "me" ... Melinda. David never stops amazing me with his consistant, patient, loving and even graceful aproach that he is taking to all of the adjustments that we are making all ready.

Again, we are thankful that you took a second and shared some time with us on our journey to the mission field of Guatemala. We are so grateful for these times that are molding us into stronger ,bolder and more passionate people serving a mighty, bold and passionate God!

Adios! (Bye!)