Monday, May 25, 2009

Rosemary ....Part1

We have had so much fun and we are home again. Since we are in official CRAZY mode trying to prepare to leave the country in 2 weeks I'll post a few photos and then some more at the next post. Enjoy! 

Sarah Joy is fishing and believe it or not..she actually caught some fish. They were only .5cm but they were fish none the less. Regretfully, they did not live for the photo opp. 
Where are all of our older kids? ....somewhere out there having a great time.
Dave and Melinda the pool
Tyler is showing us his muscles that he's been building at the Sugar Shack (smile)

Eli...not a bit crabby in the pool ! (his float is a big red crab )
We love you all.... Thank you for checking in and joining us on this crazy ride. Tomorrow 7 of us are getting vaccinated ! There should be some stories with that ! Poor Doc.  I think that they intentionally scheduled us for the end of the day ... Somehow , with traveling this past year, I am free and clear shots for mom ... so David is giving me the afternoon off... hmmm...what will I do with 2 hours .... 

Monday, May 18, 2009

These are for you ! David's grandmother turned 93 before we left and these are from her party. She is one of the loveliest women that you would ever meet and if you have loved us she would love you and want you to be a part of  her party. So enjoy the flowers ! 
Leaving for the beach . Little did we know that once we landed there that we would be at 100% and able to celebrate this HUGE life event in such a BEAUTIFUL place ! We are humbled and amazed God. Thank you ! 
Cooper is becoming quite the photographer. I'll have to post some of his pictures in a blog. They are soo good !
Tyler is going to miss collecting shells. We have a ton of them. David and I are going to carry them all home and make picture frames with them. Thank you for our collection Tye ! 

Where does the time go ??? It seems like only a few short years ago and the back row was the size of the front row and there was no sign of a front row . God is so full of surprises and adventures. I can't help but wonder what the adventures and surprises are for us in the years to come.
Some fun photo time with everyone ! I have to grab it while I can. 

Eli is turning darker by the second. Check out how white his hands are with sand on them. I think that my legs are this color ! Is he Chinese or African ? HANDSOME ! 

Our guys flew home with their youth pastor who is also a pilot for the weekend to play music for a youth event. We were so excited that they had this opportunity and so glad that they are back with us. Someone asked us "Are you not scared to send them home on a tiny plane ?" Our answer, "No way. Having them drive in Guatemala ... that is scary....a plane ride over the ocean ...not scared at all. " Does that put the driving in Guatemala in perspective for ya ? (smile) I'm sure that it will seem like no big deal in no time ! right? 

These sweet children became great friends with our little guys quickly while we've been here. They invited the children over for popsicles and surprised us by giving us ALL of their leftover groceries and laundry detergent ! only God.... amazing! 

Speaking of miraculous things that God does.... Grayson had one of her dearest friends here at the same beach at the same time with no planning on our part... Just God working out a great goodbye time for Gracie. Precious ! We're all going to miss you Corey ! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We (you) Did It !!!!

We have all done it ! Together, the Lord has brought us to 100 % ! We , the Evans , are goin' to Guatemala!!! We have a date. We actually have tickets. I'm a bit speechless on the subject so I'll keep this brief while I digest it. I must say that even though we could see this coming for a few weeks ,when we received the word that our tickets "are in the mail", I had to catch my breath. We have so much to do all of the sudden and PERFECTLY the Lord has us in a place (literally) where we just can't do a whole lot. We are trying to rest, re -coupe and "pleasure plan" because we're really down to the very last of details. Before we left and headed on vacation Sarah Joy and I re - sifted our boxes and actually got rid of a few more things and then I gave away 2 more bags of clothes. I think that at last count we have 9 boxes going with us. Maybe we'll have about 3 more by the time that we're done. Very weird ! 

I just want to say Thank You to each one of you who have read this blog, prayed for us and sent us encouraging notes, etc. We are pinching ourselves that this is really our life. It is a life that is not very easy (only at times) but a rich life full of each others company and the making of memories....heavenly treasure ! That's what this time in life is ! 

Diggin' for gold,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's Up ?

What have the Evans been up to since arriving home and ' sleeping in our own bed'? We have been up to our eyeballs in PAPERWORK. Why ? Because we're at 98.5%%%%%% !!!!!!! This is so exciting and energizing. Please continue to PRAY ^PRAY^PRAY... Pray that God will interject our paths with the people that he desires to sow fruit into HIS ministry to the people of Guatemala. (Gracias) Then, we are all climbing back into the car for another 2 week trip on Monday and so there are a lot of last minute goodies to take care of . Mostly, we are trying to gain this 2.5% by this Friday so that we can book our PLANE TICKETS for the first part of June. I can't believe it.... God is really carrying us to Guatemala..... so very soon ! ....(amazing) Thank you Lord ! 


Sunday, May 3, 2009


That's right ... WE'RE HOME!!! We are absolutely exhausted from the travel so not much bloggin' tonight. Just wanted to shout out "Ahhhhh.....home."

Good night from our VERY OWN bed,

Friday, May 1, 2009

"There's no place like home.(click, click).. There's no place like home"

Our MTI family prays for us as we prepare to head home and soon to Guatemala.
Our MTI family that we've lived with for the last 3 weeks.( WE MISS YOU ALL!!!!!)

We're coming home !!!!!  We've had an amazing time with amazing people who are all heading out to incredible places ALL OVER the world to proclaim the name of Jesus in lots of unique ways. We ALMOST have all of our support raised and are anticipating being in Guatemala very soon ! We only have 3 % to go !!!! PRAY<> PRAY !

Thank you for all of your prayers and encouraging words ....
  Yes, Dorothy.....there really is no place like home. 

Clicking little red shoes,