Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Courage....parents please read before your young children do..but I have to post this

As I pack and prep for my little vacation to Brazil ...a women's conference for wives of missionaries ....well, to say I am excited is a total understatment. A place to be pampered, counseled, sleep late, 50 other missionary wives from countless parts of the world, and to top it off I get to spend 2 weeks with a very dear and close sister in Christ. Pinch me PLEASE !this was a gift to me prompted by my husband.... Thank you David!!!!

But... A little nervous too. 27 hours , flying alone, 4 different airports in 3 different countries....3 different languages....even as I type this I have to ask , is this MY life?pinch me again please :) Anyway, I am keenly aware with butterflies in my stomach that I lack courage often...REAL courage.

Monday night , I was blessed to hear a man speak from Internatiomal Justice have to share a piece that rocked my little chair of the world.

Injustice in Asia...young women / teens sold into sexual slavery, Uganda.Injustice ...the man of the house dies of aids and leaves behind wife and several young children. His brother or family member from his side gains control of the squatting ground that is their home and litterally forces often with violence women and children out of the home...they starve to death..literally. India...injustice. Children being sold into work slavery as young as 8 and 10 years of age being made to roll 2000 cigarettes a DAY or example and in our country where we are serving ..injustice...sexual slavery among children.

Courage. In our country a 12 year old boy losses his father in death. He and mom have no way to eat. A successful business man who is a leader IN their CHURCH offers the young man to work for him at his place of bussiness. Mom and son jump at the opportunity . First day of work , 12 year old is asked into the office, door closes, boy is raped !

Courage. Someone pays attention at church and confronts 12 year old.courage.

Courage. 12 year old breaks down and shares.

Courage. 12 year old agrees to prosecute church leader for sexual crimes against a country where if the trial goes south he WILL be killed for this act of courage.

Man is found guilty, PRAISE God,as mom sits beside her son on the stand along with IJM missionary and church leader is sentenced to 18 years in prison . Not a US prison , but a prison where heads of guards have been reported to be used as soccer balls amongst inmates...yes, I am serious!

This boy has sooo much courage. I just want to applaud him in my little quite blog space for looking his accuser in the eyes and saying ,"you did me. What you did was wrong.I am protecting every other child that you would ever have violated and my mom and I are risking our life for them....WE! Your victims, are worth it !

12 year old are COURAGE to me. You are courageous... YOU are my hero today. I will be just fine in the airport. My language needs will be provided for and YOU will nudge me on because if YOU can do ThAT....I can do ANTHING too....thank you courageous....MAY I always rise up to do the RIGHT thing ....justice...courage...MICAH 6:8

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stephanye said...

I love that verse! I asked an artist to do a canvas of that on it:)

Praise God for giving that boy Courage.

You have Courage, too. Have so much fun!

Love and prayers with you, dear friend.