Monday, October 10, 2011

the IPAD 2
This is my amazing friend ... i'll call her "Sunshine". She serves the Lord here in Guatemala too and she . makes. me . smile.  I love her.

Sunshine loves me and Sarah Joy. She forwent a gift for her minister in order to gift Sarah Joy with an Ipad  prayerful with us all that this will be a huge part in Sarah Joy learning and receiving the tools to speak. The couple, I'll call them "Precious" gave from their hearts an incredible gift to our daughter and we are forever grateful ! Even GREATER is the action of GIVING that they have planted DEEP in our hearts to pass this giving on .... deep, sacrificial giving .... the kind that speaks to the hearts of the hungry... Sunshine and I have been in conversation , fasting , prayer and email with Apple in regards to this being provided for Sarah Joy...... we were hungry for results..... Fed, we are.. we have been given an Apple and hope.... Merry Christmas everyone... ! And we love you Precious !

Oh ! I must add... Precious ALSO gifted my Sunshine too ! They surprised her with an Ipad also ! Does this make you want to dig DEEP in your pocket and search out the ways to BLESS THE SOCKS off of someone !!!! Man, they left BIG prints on our lives..... and they WERE total strangers... NOW ... a part of our lives and Sarah's journey.. until we meet in person Precious... our love~

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